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1.     Easy to learn. You don't need to be an expert or mathematician.

2.     Easy to use. Smart number wizard picks the lotto numbers to play based on analysis of previous drawings.

3.     Works with all Pick-3 games.


4.     Prevents errors. Checks your tickets for winning combinations.

5.     Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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Dear WSLS,

Thank you for introducing us to a new pick-3 software, "Cash-3". I have just downloaded it and was test running it for our Karnataka State Lucky-3 daily Pick-3 lottery with results from May 2004 fed into the database. I have found that even wheeling common numbers within a particular category of computer generated picks, say "Percentage Repeats" gives some more hits!! I could see as high as 7 hits by same numbes, including doubles by this method within a span of 25 days in June for our lotto!! As a corollary, this plan could therefore be a good tool for number elimination, whereby we can pair the above numbers to play with other numbers outside the "Percentage Repeat" box! Still experimenting...!

Hope you will try this new feature and let us know if you have similar findings or something new and more innovative to share! I feel Cash-3 bets combined with some of the BEST strategies on this lovely forum should see us winning consistently more often...LOL!

Good Luck! – DreamLotto



I have been using cash 3 for a number of years and think this is good. – Merdis Salley



It gave us a boxed hit tonite for Ky under Percentage still tracking..I think wheeling with this program is the way to go... - LittleOldLady



Gave another boxed hit for tonite 821..was under the warm numbers. – LittleOldLady



I am only entering from Jan 1st..another hit last nite..boxed 781..has so far 3 hits at nite…

-          LittleOld Lady


I have been useing this program for about 2 years now, and i must say that this is one of the best and easiest programs out there for the cash 3 lotto. I have tried just about every program out there and this is the only one that i use now.  I have made some money with this program…By useing the computer picks and searching the posts and other information, i am able to keep my spending down and increase my winnings. Below is the txt file of how this program has fared in the Georgia Lottery in the last 2 years and as you can see, If you do your homework, you can hit quite consistantly. – Tengage76



I just downloaded and did miday ohio came up 27 hits so far this year. – OneDay




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